Things you must know about dating a woman of color

If you don’t know what these things are, you can put your foot into it a lot, you can make some mistakes and literally kill the attraction that a woman of color may have for you. So we put together this fun and useful list coaching non-black men who are interested in black women. What does a woman of color wand and need from the relationships? We’ll teach you to inspire attraction, close cultural divides or at least bridge them and get farther in terms of your dating life with more black women. So here’s the list of things that black women want you to know before dating them.

Do not bring any racist stereotypes of how black women are into your relationships. Not all of black women are strong and independent warriors. Sometimes they cry and want to be cuddled and hugged. Be careful how you use that strong black women archetype, because they want to be treated as women of any other race, not some superhuman superheroes that never cry, never feel weak or scared.They want to feel feminine and make sure you’ll protect them instead of standing behind hiding under their skirts because they’re strong black women. That’s an error and that’s not going to get you far for pretty most of black women. Girls of color definitely like strong men who’s able to take care of them in the time of need.

Get to know her! If you’re interested in black singles meet their expectations. Obviously, you do have some cultural differences that are hard to understand for both of you. But you don’t have to acclimate everything in her culture, you don’t have to force yourself to embrace it all. It’s ok to ask questions about things you don’t understand. Don’t by scared, but ask in polite way, and your woman will be glad to educate you on the subject. In turn, your woman might have a lot of questions about your culture as well, so it’s like educating each other, getting to know each other and becoming closer.

If you invited her for a party with your friends or family and she’s the only one woman of color, don’t leave her side for a long time. It would be awkward for her to stand around alone while people force themselves to make small talk. Fill your family in about her ahead of time so they don’t annoy her with so many of the same old questions she’s tires of answering. She just wants to feel like she belongs and not singled out. If she invited you to meet her family, she’ll make sure you feel right at home as people of color are super friendly and generous.

Don’t ever say something like “You’re pretty for a black girl”. Qualifying her beauty is a common error non-black guys make while dating girls of color. They sincerely think that they’re giving her a compliment and making her feel special. But what they’re doing in reality is giving her a backhanded compliment: “I don’t usually find black women attractive, but you are the exception”. That is definitely not a compliment single black women would like to hear, so just stay away from statements like that.

You don’t need to let her know you like black women as confirmation to ask dating her. If she’s dating you, she already knows that. The whole thing like “I like black women, I’m only date black women” is kind of redundant because if you’re showing your interest in a black girl, it’s pretty clear and plain to her.

Why are they so special?

Black women appreciate the value of gender roles. They are so happy to be feminine. They will gladly do all the cooking, cleaning and raising children stuff being happy that they don’t have to work for 12 hours. They’ll happily hand over the providing duty to their men, which is beneficial for both of them. Women of color pretty much buy into the feminine gender role, and they feel incredibly privileged to not have to carry a huge load because it’s expected of them.

They are grateful for the opportunity to be in those feminine traditional roles, while their counterparts from their group are not so happy about it. Most of black men think they’re the prize, it’s an obvious fact that is so frustrating for women of color. When black people meet singles, date is going to be about just the man, leaving woman’s interests aside. White men are in advantageous position because of their better courting skill.

Black women are less passive-aggressive in their communication styles. There’s less manipulation and play in that way. They are pretty straightforward, you don’t have to wonder what’s wrong with them, you don’t have to figure out what it is that she’s feeling. A woman of color is going to be upfront with you. Some of them are more alert than others, but that’s because they just haven’t been enculturated in that passive-aggressive style of white women, so they just tell you what they feel. Of course, no one is perfect and we have to speak in generalities, but dating a black woman is a truly unique experience.

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