Color Dating app Review (Rating, General Description, Pros & Cons, Pricing)


Editor’s Rating

Overall                       5 stars

Price                           5 stars

Features                      4 stars

Communication          5 stars

Safety                         4 stars

Customer Support      4 stars


General description

Color Dating is a modern app for interracial dating with over 300 000 members of Asian, Black, White, Hispanic races. It’s known to be a leader in this niche. Its principle resembles Tinder: one is can choose or reject profiles by swiping. Its matching system is based on mutual right-swiping. Its developer, Vi Tran, created the app specially for people who felt mistreated because of their ethnicity and skin color, particularly in the dating field. His position makes Color Dating much more than just a dating app: it’s rather a friendly community and an ambitious social project helping people to express their preferences openly and with the maximal outcome.


Pros & Cons


  • Attractive interface and stylish design
  • Free to download and use
  • Open-minded and relaxing atmosphere
  • Instant messaging is available
  • The app demands high-quality photos so it’s pleasant to surf through the profiles
  • The overall quality of members is normally high
  • It’s convenient to search by race and ethnicity or just by age and location
  • The Premium fee isn’t high
  • Users mostly find it effective
  • No scam or fake profiles detected

Cons :

  • Only paid membership allows unlimited swiping and more visibility to other users
  • The app makes sense only for USA users. Users from Europe may not find a match that easily



Free subscription is available

1 month Premium – $9.99

6 months Premium – $34.99

9 months Premium – $49.99

Download App free

Editor’s conclusion

Color Dating is a successful personal project of one brave and talented Asian developer, Vi Tran. Being young and attractive, he still failed to easily find matches online as the majority of white girls preferred white men. This is how his own personal story inspired him to create a helpful and user-friendly app that became super-popular in weeks. To a present day, Vi Tran considerably improved its design, although ultra-modern and high-tech features are still absent. It’s just a very simple dating app that quickly brings like-minded people together. The motto is: “Boost your confidence and enjoy being needed!”

ColorDating may have disadvantages but there aren’t many of them. Users may feel they are chosen because of their race and not because of their personality. However, it’s just a feeling. In fact, they are greatly welcomed to join, and their chances to find a match are pretty high.

Since the app is so much concentrated on social and psychological aspects, self-accepting, self-realization, and a complete fulfillment in life, it’s no surprise there’s a lack of some other aspects. It just wasn’t the developer’s first priority to equip the app with multiple fancy features or perfectly polish the verification process. But it’s safe enough and fun to use, moreover, one can find serious relations with its help not only hookups. So it’s worthy of people’s attention.

The biggest flaw of Color Dating app is that the majority of users are from biggest American cities such as New York and LA. It’s already not bad but people from other states and countries may also want to boost their confidence and feel needed, as soon as possible. Well, they will have to wait as Color Dating is only starting to be a global worldwide community. Specialists think it has all the potential to become one.

Many dating apps end as a “scammer’s paradise” or a dark naughty corner for perverts but this one has a big future and a noble aim. Interracial dating was impossible not only 100 years ago but even 52 years ago before it actually became legal in the USA. Unbelievable but it’s still an issue for many! Racial discrimination and prejudice against mixed marriages seem to never disappear from the face of the Earth. Everyone who is making steps towards more tolerance and friendly perception is literally a hero. Vi Tran happened to be a hero plus a good talented developer. Some enthusiasts join his project just to support it and find new friends, not even for dating purposes. For young people, it’s a great opportunity to raise self-confidence and fully accept themselves in a like-minded environment, while for older people it’s an effective platform for establishing all kinds of relationships.


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