Black Women Dating

 Black Women DatingThe most unmarried group on the territory of the USA is black women. This is common for all the social-economical layers of the society, disregards the income and social position. In comparison their white peers are more than half married.
Why it happens so? First, due to the economical and cultural forces and second, black women limiting themselves to black men.
Many black women cannot find desirable black men as they are scares. Most of them are incarcerated. 40% of all the imprisoned male population is black. Educational level of black men I also lower than that of black women. It is only 900 000 of African-American men in college compared to 1,5million of black women.
Lack of good education affects the economic level for black men, as the less a man earns, the lower are his chances to marry. However, statistics shows that not only poor black men don’t marry; wealthier black men are also not in a hurry to tie the knot. Why? As the ‘good’ black man is a rare catch he has better options than black women do.
Thus, many black women don’t marry as they think they have less options and black men don’t marry as they think they have too many of them.
Black women, who date and marry black men, as a rule, end up with black men, who are less educated and earn less. This causes tension in relationship and marriage and, as statistics shows, more than half of such marriages dissolve.
There are so many reasons why black women choose to date and marry black men: intimate segregation, political view of supporting men with the same skin color, ‘chocolate’ babies. Only one black woman of twenty is interracially married.
If the black women would open themselves to dating and marrying non-black men they would promote black marriage as more black men would remain for other black women not decisive to look for a partner outside the race.


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