Black Women Dating White Men

Black Women Dating White MenStatistics shows that about 70 percents of black women don’t date black men. Why this happens? There are simply not enough black men for black women, no matter they are good or bad. In addition not all ‘good’ black men date black women. Some choose to fight for black love, while others prefer to choose the men of different colors, including white men.
In most of the cases the middle-class white males date and marry black women. The times of international relationships being taboo are gone in the past. Nowadays, there is nothing taboo of dating anyone of any race and nationality.
Why white men date black women? Well, for this are many reasons. Many white men find black girls attractive: they have curves, beautiful lips, amazing skin and so many attractive physical features. Black women are very sensual and sexual in the eyes of many white men. Besides these stereotypes that not always work with white men, another reason is simple – differences attract. The process of social and economic gaps narrowing also plays a very important role in international and international relationships.
Black women cannot be considered to be obsessed by white men, some just look to enjoy this life – a common desire for all the races.


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